Kathleen Royster

Modern Handmade Porcelain Dinnerware

About ‘Peaches’

Peaches  2002, 13” x 5” x 9” Porcelaineous Stoneware

Peaches 2002, 13” x 5” x 9” Porcelaineous Stoneware


There was a strip joint near my studio that intrigued me.

This body of work is somewhat anthropomorphic and addresses contemporary art issues and feminist thinking, specifically – sex work and the complex emotional and social repercussions that arise when a woman takes off her clothes for money. The stereotypes of the industry – issues such as the good girl/bad girl image, the Madonna/whore stigma common to the larger culture. Today’s issues of the sex trade: politics, the stigma of sex work, sex work as feminist work, the legal and social contexts of sex work and sex worker rights. The arguments against female prostitution are familiar: prostitutes are victims, have no self-esteem, degrades all women, and need to be forcefully removed from their circumstances. Late 80’s feminism viewed sex work as male objectification of women.

Today feminism acknowledges women’s sexual liberation.

Sex is not dirty, sex is not sinful.

Sex pushes buttons.