Kathleen Royster

Modern Handmade Porcelain Dinnerware

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Daily Rituals

“I am drawn to the pause of simplicity and find beauty in the repetition of mark making. I make pots to enjoy in daily rituals and celebration that provides one nourishment in body and soul.”



I am the oldest of a large family who valued hard work, education and music.

My earliest memories of being creative were hours spent with my grandmother building dollhouses out of scraps of materials and drawing with crayons on every wall of my parents’ house. It was my grandmother that taught me the little song, ‘I am a little teapot…’ including posing as a teapot with left hand on hip and right hand waving in the air!


A few years ago after a long academic career, I began to develop a new line of functional porcelain dinnerware using a 16th century Korean decorating technique called Mishima. I would incise a design in the body of a pot; fill it in with a contrasting colored clay or slip and then cover with a transparent glaze.


100% Handmade

Specializing in serving dishes for special occasions and new home purchases.

Caring for your new purchase…

All porcelain dinnerware is microwave and dishwasher safe. Not recommended for oven or stove-top cooking.